Portable Car Seats – Tips For Making the Right Choice

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Portable car seats also known as travel car seats are a convenient and economical way for parent to be able to travel with young children.

Particularly if you have experienced the inconvenience of lugging around and checking in a bulky child seat or booster or renting soiled car seats while on vacation.

Because car seats are such a significant and necessary safety device for all young children, it is now compulsory in many countries for children to be in an appropriate child seat for the age and size – the fines for not doing so can be quite hefty as it is considered that you are endangering their lives.

So if you travel with your children a few times a year and sick of trying to lug full-size car seats around, or renting and paying around $9.99 per day per child for one that may not be too clean, then you should definitely consider buying a portable car seat. With the cost of rentals, it won’t take long before the cost of the new portable car seat is recouped.

However, do bear in mind that a portable car seat is really just a convenient alternative when a full-sized car seat is not an option. They can be especially handy if you are required to use a lot of taxis in your travels.

Some of the features you should consider when selecting a travel car seat:

Is the travel seat front facing or rear facing – rear facing being a much safer alignment for smaller children or babies. Some models can be used facing in both directions.
Most mainstream child seats have side protection with wings, so you should also look for this feature in a portable car seat.
Weight and size is also important as you would most likely want it to fit easily into a totes, suitcases or backpacks
Check to see if the model can be adjusted for sizing, especially for the headrest, as you don’t want your child outgrowing the seat within six months.
Ask your child to sit in the portable car seat in the shop and check it for comfort – especially if you are planning on using it for longer trips.
Be wary of any sizes based on age, as heights and weights of children can vary dramatically, instead look at models with sizes based on height/weight.
Quick installation and removal is also important, as the taxi meter could be running while you are still messing around with the portable car seat.
While not a necessity, it would be nice if your portable car seat was compatible with your stroller, so that it is a quick and easy transfer once you get out of the car or taxi.
There are now some travel seats available that have been approved by the FAA for use on aircraft, which might be quite handy depending upon your travel arrangements.
There is a lot to consider when selecting a portable ca

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