Car Seat Travel Bag and Using a Car Seat on Flight

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Parents often find it necessary to bring a car seat travel bag when they’re travelling with an infant. This is equipment that helps you carry your seat when you’re travelling. That is, if you intend to use a car seat in a flight.

Many parents are now opting to buy a car seat travel bag to carry their seat. More and more people are starting to realize that placing an infant on the lap is not enough protection in case rough air or turbulence occurs. This is one of the most common injuries of infant. Having a car seat in a flight is a secure way of seating your child with his own seat belt and padded chair. In case the plane crashes, fastening the seatbelt can avoid injury on your child which is more likely to happen when he is on your lap.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, they highly recommend children of 40 pounds at most be cradled in a car seat. This is one of the reasons why a lot of parents now are getting themselves their own car seat travel bag. Furthermore, we all know that your child is more likely to exhibit good behavior if he is sitting on a comfortable and familiar chair. Surely you will find the trip light without having to carry a baby with you on the lap.

As for children who utilize a forward- and rear-facing seat with harness, it is recommended that only with the label of certification for use in motor vehicles and aircraft can be used on a flight. The seat should ideally be less than 16″ wide to fit on the chair. As for seats bought abroad, they need to check the label and make sure that the seat has met the standards of the said foreign government or at least the United Nations.

Those which are not allowed would be child vests, belly belts, and booster belts. Aside from that, only children below the age of 2 are allowed to use a car seat. For children over 2 years, they are required to use the standard seat belt. Children, on the other hand, who do not fit into the seat’s harness, can use the lap belts instead. The aircraft seat belt can also fit the child even more snugly than that of a motor vehicle’s.

There are times when you can choose not to buy another ticket for your child under the age of 2 years. If you’re lucky to get into a flight with an available free seat, then you are most probably getting a free ticket for your child. However, you should ask the airline first if they can give you one.

When you are already on board a plane, make sure that you are using the seat properly. Take off the car seat travel bag, and make sure to read and follow the instructions stated in the procedure manual. Most often, it comes wi

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